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Solved Problems

In my spare time I enjoy solving programming puzzles, often algorithmic or mathematical in nature. Here is an automatically updated list of the problems I’ve solved on some of my favorite online judges. In total there are 0 problems listed below.

Project Euler
Project Euler is probably the reason I started enjoying mathematics and solving mathematical problems in the first place. It has a lot of very high quality mathematical problems, and a new problem is added almost weekly. I’m currently the highest ranked Project Euler member from Iceland.

SuprDewd on Project Euler

Solved problems (0)
Kattis is currently my favorite online judge. Unfortunately there aren’t many active coders on Kattis, which is a pity since it holds a lot of high quality algorithmic problems. I’m currently the second highest ranked user on Kattis. Also see my profile page.

Solved problems (0)
UVa Online Judge
UVa Online Judge is an old online judge with lots of algorithmic problems. See my profile page.

Solved problems (0)
Codeforces probably has the most active competitive programming community. I occasionally participate in their contests. See my profile page.

Solved problems (0)
SPOJ has many nice algorithmic problems. I’ve solved a couple of problems there. See my profile page.

Solved problems (0)
CodeChef is another online judge with nice algorithmic problems and regular contests. See my profile page.

Solved problems (0)


  1. Xiao_Mu Xiao_Mu


    Could you please tell me how to make an automatically updated list like yours?

    Best regards!

  2. S.C S.C

    That’s a brilliant page.
    I’m also interested in the list above.Can you tell me how it was formed?

  3. Lam Gia Thuan Lam Gia Thuan

    It would be great if you can create a blog of hints for problems that you have solved.

  4. michael michael

    hey man i’ve been attacking the prolbem “exponial” on kattis for 5 hours now and was finally able to solve all the given testcases. however, i still failed some blackbox tests apparently. i’ve looked all over the internet but was unable to find anything. test cases are extremely hard to construct on my own so could you give me some test cases (or even better the source code for that problem)?
    if you can run these cases on your code and tell me the answers that’d be great:
    56 741
    13 45
    167 569
    thanks a lot!!!

  5. Bhishmaraj Selvamani Bhishmaraj Selvamani

    How do you keep track of your solved problems . Do you manually add the solved problems to your blog ?

      • Noah Hunt-Isaak Noah Hunt-Isaak

        How do you do this? I think the idea of writing “scripts” to automate tasks such as this is super cool but I don’t really have any idea how to get started. Do you use something like python? Any tips about how I could get started learning how to do this would be much appreciated.

  6. Bryant Bryant

    Is it possible to get your code to a specific problem?

  7. berrytchaks berrytchaks


    I have spent days on the codes problem of kattis but still my test cases are not passing.
    Please can you provide me with some test cases or links where I could generate some test cases.


  8. unknown unknown

    for problem F posterize, I understand you divide like this DP(i,j) = min_k {DP(k, j-1) + cost(k+1, i)} where i = # red values, using j = #allowed values

    Now to compute the cost function cost(i,j) you have 4 variables: i starting index, j last index, k sum of values and x variable that minimize the sum, how can you compute the cost function without using 4 for loops? I have seen some people doing it only on 3 for loops, but I don’t understand why it works.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi,
    How can I prove the solution for “exponial”?

  10. Julian Julian


    How can you solve the problem in java of the book thief?

    Because I used the quadratic equation to solve it and then take the formula of the summation, when this sum is 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5

    If you have a better solution, I would appreciate it if you would share it with me.

    Thank you

  11. Saurabh Saurabh

    Which is best site according to you ?

  12. Akib Akib

    Can you explain how you solved UVa 861? Thanks

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